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Corita Kent : Typologist, Designer / Nun

Corita Kent : Typologist, Designer / Nun



Welcome to the Typography Walk.

It's a fun, quick, out-in-the-world experience about communicating through typefaces.  


You'll need:

Just about 40 minutes

A smart phone + headphones

A sign-filled commercial district to explore

A healthy curiosity


Step 1 : Listen & Explore

Once you are outside with headphones on and some signs in your sightline, tap the play arrow. *

* Note: This will open a new browser window.

To find your way back, pause the audio and close the player and return to this browser window.  



Step 2 : Share what you found

Touch & hold the email address below to copy it.

Go to your photos app and email a photo.

Paste the copied address in the "to:" field.

Give your photo(s) a title in the subject line and send.   



Step 3 : See what others SaW

Check out the photo stream below to see how other people responded to the same assignment. 



This should take about 5 minutes or so.  

The first two questions give you time to reflect on how this kind of "out-in-the-world" learning experience feels, and how it could apply to your work.

The short survey and last question give us feedback that will help us improve on future "portable learning experiences" like this. 



Focus on feelings and the nuances of being out in the world, listening to audio, and following an assignment?
Are there any aspects of this guided learning experience you would put to use in your own teaching &/or leadership?
Lightning Fast Feedback Survey *
Lightning Fast Feedback Survey
Quick feedback on audio walks as a learning tool.
I enjoyed this experience.
I learned / gained insight from this typography walk.
I'd like to use an audio activity such as this in a class I'm teaching or with my team.
I would like to create my own audio walk experience.
What are the advantages / disadvantages to this kind of learning experience vs. an in-class experience?