decibel audio experiences



A Smartphone with Headphones

A Friend 

A Cafe (preferably bustling) 

30 minutes 


Start the audio AFTER YOU ARRIVE at your cafe and find a place to sit. 

Part of this experience involves buying a coffee. DO NOT BUY COFFEE before you listen.

Click on the player below and the sound will load as a quicktime in iOS. GIVE IT A MINUTE TO LOAD–it may take a bit to get in there.

Try to START THE AUDIO AT THE EXACT SAME TIME as your partner! You might need to play around a bit to get this to work after it loads into the new window (see audio section below for details). 

You'll be asked to have a conversation with your partner with the headphones in. CHAT WITH ONE EAR IN AND ONE OUT for the best effect. 

KEEP THE AUDIO RUNNING UNTIL DIRECTED TO STOP (this happens only once around the 16:20 mark). If you can't find the restart point after you stop, restart at 16:20. 

After ordering coffee & restarting the audio HEAD ON BACK to where you started. When you hear the "four on the floor" sounds of disco, you can stop any time. 

That said, you may want to listen to the whole track during the walk back; it's not everyday you get to walk across the sunny Stanford campus accompanied by the bouncing beats of John Morales' rare extended instrumental remix of the Loose Joints classic, "Is it All Over My Face." It's a matter of personal preference: you and your partner may prefer to debrief your experience as instructed.



To start, tap the arrow on the right. In iOS and the sound will load into a new window. You'll see circle with an arrow.

The sound may start playing automatically. If it does, just press pause || and the back arrow |<<. Then wait and press play > in sync with your partner.

Once the sound is playing, controls like play/pause (down low) and a playhead (up top) will appear on the screen if you tap again. It's OK to turn off the screen, the sound will play in the background. 

If the sound doesn't load in right away, tap the circle / arrow to load it in, then tap the screen and press pause ||, followed by the back arrow |<<. Then wait and press play > in sync with your partner.