decibel audio experiences


If you listened to "Secrets & Wishes" Decibel as part of d.mix Vol 1, skip to # 2. 


Go out and find a good place where you can sit and people watch. 

Once you're there, put on your headphones and listen to this audio all the way through.

Just tap the arrow to start. It lasts about 10 minutes. 

The audio will likely play in a new browser window so you'll have to stop the audio and perhaps hit the back button to return to this page. 


After you've listened to the audio, type in your secret below.

Here's a note to help (borrowed from Post Secret): 

Share something important to you that you’ve never told anyone else.

Type in a secret you would like to share. 1-2 sentences maximum. It will be completely anonymous.


Below is a compilation of secrets and wishes we've received. 

Feel free to click on it as soon as you have finished sharing your secret.