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Start Here

Feeling stuck on a problem or issue in your life? Use this audio experience to take action to find a fresh perspective on your challenge and to potentially re-frame how you approach it.

How to get started

  • Give yourself about two hours of uninterrupted time to complete the experience.
  • Head outside to a location where there are people present.
  • Bring headphones, a pen, and a notebook.
  • Hit play on the first track below to stream the audio from Soundcloud, and follow the spoken instructions.

This is a self-paced experience. Whenever you feel done with one activity, just hit play on the next track to move on. Please note that some tracks have music added to the end. If you feel done with that prompt, you can skip ahead to the next track.

After you've finished the experience come back to this page and fill out the form below.

When you're done

Thanks for trying out Getting Unstuck. Before moving on with your day, please take a minute to answer the questions below. This will help us develop more exciting content for out in the world learning. If you have any additional questions or thoughts, please send them to