decibel audio experiences

Decibel is one of a larger set of experiments the is conducting around “learning with the world:" placing learning in context to allow people to engage with their surroundings and take a learning posture wherever they may be. 

Decibel rests somewhere between a podcast and audio-augmented reality.  We’ve found that audio is a great way to turn the everyday richness of the world into one big, fat learning canvas. 


Here's an audio introduction to the project:

Tap HERE if you'd like to try the Secrets decibel mentioned in the intro audio.


Decibel was initially developed by Scott Doorley, Ashish Goel, & Jeremey Utley

Contributors: Erik Olesund, Tania Anaissie, Carissa Carter, Rob Reich, Seamus Harte, Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Austin Meyer, Alissa Murphy, Emi Kolawole, Charlotte Burgess-Auburn, Grace Hawthorne & Tyler Winick. 

Thanks: Sarah Stein Greenberg, George Kembel, Justin Ferrell & Tran Ha.

Made possible in part by a grant from the Knight Foundation.